Welcome to Freetz

Freetz (more about the name and history in the FAQs) is a firmware-extension (modification) for the AVM Fritz!Box and devices with identical hardware. The original firmware from the manufacturer is extended with new functions and programs which may be selected by the user. Freetz is free software and is developed by Oliver Metz, Alexander Kriegisch and others.

Warning: the installation of a modified firmware invalidates the manufacturer's warranty!

Since most of the development team and users are German, most of this website is written in the German language.


The current stable release of Freetz is version 2.0. Please follow the description under Source Code to download it.

First steps

If you are not familiar with Freetz and have no plan where to start, follow the guidelines in this tutorial to build your first basic image.

Website for developers

This website is intended for developers and experienced users who wish to be actively involved in the development of Freetz. The complete source-code can be viewed and changes followed. Bugs and feature requests can be entered using the ticket-system.

In order to open tickets you will need to register.

Wiki and Forum

Information and discussion about Freetz is available:

Further information about Fritz and friends can be found here:

See also the FAQs.

Freetz in public press & web

Source code

How to check out and update source code from the Freetz repository

Building and using

Freetz can only be built using Linux. See the README file in the root directory of the checked-out source-code, as well as the IPPF Wiki (in German) for the list of tools/packages required to successfully build Freetz. If you're really in a hurry make sure you've got all the required tools installed and then do

make menuconfig

This gives you first a menu-based configuration and then builds your custom firmware. Enjoy!