Source code

The Freetz source code is managed in a Subversion repository. Subversion is generally abbreviated by SVN.

Developer version (trunk)

/!\ This version is only for experienced users and developers who know how to help themselves! The trunk changes continuously and might temporarily contain bugs or not work at all.

Check out from SVN:

$ svn co                     <--- check out current trunk revision
$ svn co trunk_7843 -r 7843  <--- check out specific trunk revision (here: 7843) into subdirectory
                                                              "trunk_7843", so as not to overwrite the current trunk directory

Check out from Git (/!\ Git is not the leading system and is officially unsupported presently. We provide it "as is" for test purposes.):

$ git clone freetz-devel  <--- freetz-devel: local copy of Git repository


How to update an existing local SVN repository (here: developer version):

$ cd trunk
$ svn up         <--- update to current revision
$ svn up -r 7843 <--- update to specific revision (here: 7843)

How to update an existing local Git repository (here: developer version):

$ cd freetz-devel
$ git pull

Stable version

/!\ The "stable" version is not maintained anymore. Newer boxes as well as firmwares are not available there. Please use whenever possible the trunk as mentioned above. /!\

For some box types no firmware is available on AVM servers. Help yourself using this info.

Depending on your hardware type you need one of the following Freetz versions:

freetz-2.0: current stable version (list of supported boxes and firmware versions)

$ svn co

ds-0.2.9-p8 (kernel 2.4): for very old boxes which do not get AVM firmware updates anymore (more info)

$ svn co