"s3fslite is a fork of s3fs, originally written by Randy Rizun. It is a file system that stores all data in an Amazon S3 bucket. It allows access to a bucket as though it were a local file system. It is useful for publishing static web data that can be read easily by a browser, or for backing up private or shared data."


See the home page for detailed usage instructions. Be sure to specify the following options:

-o attr_cache=
-o writeback_cache=

to a non-memory location to prevent running out of memory when storing larger files (your box could crash and reboot).

For example:

s3fs <bucket> <mount point> \
-o attr_cache=/var/media/ftp/uStor01/... \
-o writeback_cache=/var/media/ftp/uStor01/...

You can store your credentials in /tmp/flash/passwd-s3fs, if you don't want to specify them on the command line.

It is possible to use a mime.types file, if you want to access your objects from internet: (for example for a static web site) 

  • Copy /etc/mime.types to your box, for example to /var/media/ftp/uStor01/mime.types
  • Create a symbolic link like this: ln -s /var/media/ftp/uStor01/mime.types /tmp/flash/mime.types

Using rsync to make backups:

rsync -avW --delete /source-folder/ /mount-point/

Advice: read the man page of rsync, before using it.