PoPTop - PPTP-VPN-Server

Paket aus dem Thread: PPTP Server auf der Fritzbox und Speedport W701 V/W 900 V funktioniert

Als erstes ein großer Dank an gamf und hehol für die Bereitstellung der Patches und des Pakets.

What is PPTP?

PPTP stands for Point to Point Tunneling Protocol. It was developed by a consortium including Microsoft and is used for establishing VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnels across the Internet. This allows remote users to securely and inexpensively access their corporate network from anywhere on the Internet.

PPTP uses a client-server model for establishing VPN connections. Most Microsoft operating systems ship with a PPTP client, so there is no need to purchase third-party client software. PPTP has the additional advantage over other VPN technologies of being easy to setup.

What is Poptop?

Before Poptop, no solution existed if you wish to connect PPTP clients to Linux servers. Using Poptop, Linux servers can now function seamlessly in a PPTP VPN environment. This enables administrators to leverage the considerable benefits of both Microsoft and Linux operating systems.

The current release version supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP PPTP clients and Linux PPTP clients.

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