"dtach is a free (GPL'ed) program for POSIX-compliant OSs intended to provide similar functionality to that of the GNU Project's Screen, but stripping out what the developer (Ned T. Crigler) considers to be unneeded features to provide a much slimmer product; in addition, it is intended to interfere less with key bindings than Screen does." (source: Wikipedia - see below)

Dtach is a tiny program that emulates the detach feature of screen, allowing you to run a program in an environment that is protected from the controlling terminal and attach to it later. It was introduced in Freetz trunk 2636 by whoopie. It is smaller than the aforementioned screen.


Erstellen einer neuen dtach-Session am Beispiel von mcabber:

dtach -c /tmp/mcabber.dtach mcabber

Erstellen einer neuen dtach-Session, aber direkt wieder die Session verlassen bzw. im Hintergrund starten:

dtach -n /tmp/mcabber.dtach mcabber

Mit "Strg + \" kann man die Session verlassen.

Wieder in die Session "einklinken":

dtach -a /tmp/mcabber.dtach